Mr Bruff’s Guide to Grammar – School Licence eBook


Spelling, punctuation and grammar count for up to 1/3 of your final grade at GCSE. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to develop your writing skills. Each section ends with a test to see how much you’ve improved.

221 pages.


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Ever felt that you need to brush up on your spelling, punctuation and grammar? Mr Bruff’s Guide to Grammar has everything you need to know for your GCSEs.

Containing jokes, fascinating facts and lots of useful examples from a wide range of literature, this lively, conversational self-study guide is like no other grammar book ever written. It even has optional extension activities for those of you who want to take your writing further!

After you have revised spelling, punctuation and grammar, the ebook doesn’t stop there! Learn how it all fits together to help you—not just with your GCSEs but in the real world. Enjoy playing with words and developing the skills to get your own way!

This guide contains 20 detailed chapters* and is an absolute bargain at just £2.99. Some people think that grammar is boring…not any more!

*Chapters include: punctuation, active and passive sentences, nouns, determiners, interjections, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions and adverbs, simple and compound sentences, complex sentences, conjunctions, paragraphs, spelling and rhetorical devices.