Having grown up in a disprivileged family, Mr Bruff is passionate about providing students everywhere with the very best education. He does this through his free Youtube revision videos, free podcasts, and bargain eBooks. He also gives away print copies of his revision guides to those who cannot afford them (click HERE for more info).

He began making online revision videos in January 2011 and to date has achieved over 31 million views across 212 different nations. Thousands of messages of support and praise have flooded in from across the globe, making it clear that Mr Bruff’s videos are helping students across the world to achieve their highest potential.

mrbruff.com was launched in January 2013. The main purpose of the site is to host the bargain revision guides which contain much of the content from his videos.

Mr Bruff lives on Dartmoor with his wife, Claire and sons Noah and Elijah. If he were to be stranded on a desert island, they are the three things he would take.

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