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MrBruff-TutoringI use YouTube for private tutoring. Each week, I assign a task to be completed. Once the work is emailed back to me, I create a video providing feedback for improvement and assign the next task. This video is uploaded to YouTube as ‘unlisted’, which ensures that only the student and their family can view it.

The content of each video primarily focuses on exam papers that I’ve designed. I work through these papers, discussing each question in detail. I deliberately avoid using ‘real’ past exam papers since schools often use them for mock exams. It would not be beneficial for schools if a student has previously completed the papers set for mock tests.

Here are three testimonials from parents of my tutees:

‘Our reasoning for contacting Mr Bruff was based on nothing more than sheer desperation!  Amy was doing brilliantly in all her subjects except English language and Literature – with predicted grades far lower than any in other subjects, we started to worry that she wouldn’t meet the entry requirements to return for sixth form.  Amy struggled massively with the concept of critical analysis – the more her teacher told her to analyse the text, the more confused she became in her arguments and the more her confidence waned.  She went from a child who loved English lessons to one who hated them!

We enrolled Amy on Mr Bruff’s 12 week course – within the space of just a few weeks (it really was that quick!) Amy had mastered the previously elusive concept of critical analysis – Mr Bruff’s clear and comprehensive feedback made sense to her in a way that no one else’s previous explanations had.  Her school grades quickly improved and her confidence followed.  Needless to say, she’s now delighted with her grade 8s in both English Language and Literature and is about to start English Literature A-Level!  Our only regret is that we didn’t contact Mr Bruff sooner!

Thank you again for all your help – we really do credit Amy’s success to her hard work and your help.’

‘Mr Bruff has a unique approach that works even on the most reluctant writer. Using YouTube was way more effective than anything else we have tried and we have had many different teachers (I am relentless when it comes to kids’ education). Mr Bruff is gentle in his commentary, yet he gets the points across that help massively improve student’s work. English Literature was by far my son’s least favourite subject; he’s got a 9 – we are ecstatic and truly grateful. The lessons were worth every penny.’

‘Mr Bruff has provided an excellent one to one tuition to our son Zain which resulted  him in exceeding expectations and achieving grades 8 in both English languages and Literature. 

Mr Bruff provided detailed weekly feedback advising Zain on his areas of weaknesses. He was always available to answer any questions Zain had during the course of the year. We would highly recommend Mr Bruff for anyone as this tuition worked wonders for Zain.’

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