Mr Bruff’s Guide to ‘An Inspector Calls’ – School Licence eBook


Detailed analysis of everything you need for your GCSE exams, Topics include: context, themes, structure, language, stage directions and a sample exam answer.

78 pages.

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Everything you need to know about this popular play. Chapters include:

The Playwright
Social and Historical Context
Setting and Structure
Timeline of the play, how to read a play rather than a novel
Characters – Mr Birling
Characters – Edna and Sheila
Characters – Gerald Characters – Mrs. Birling
Characters – Eric Characters – Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
Characters – Inspector Goole Age – Old vs Young – who accepts responsibility and why?
The Opening Stage Directions – an analysis.
Act One – A Summary
Act Two – A Summary
Act Three – A Summary
The Inspector’s Final Speech – an analysis
The End of the Play – Unanswered Questions and FAQ
Key themes: Class, love, relationships, selfishness
Structure: Dramatic Irony, time, conflict and tension
Sample essay – How does Priestley reveal a message of social responsibility in the play?
Sample essay – How does Priestley present the characters of Mr. Birling and Sheila in ‘An Inspector Calls’?
Key quotes (who said them and what do they mean?