Mr Bruff’s Guide to ‘A Christmas Carol’ – School Licence eBook


The complete original novel, alongside detailed analysis of everything you need to know for your GCSE exams. Topics include: author, language, structure, character analysis, themes and a sample exam answer. 107 pages.


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The complete original text, alongside detailed analysis which includes:

  • The Author: Charles Dickens
  • How are Dickens’s beliefs reflected in “A Christmas Carol”?
  • Is “A Christmas Carol” still relevant today?
  • Structure: Understanding the title & What is a novella?
  • What is a stave? & The structure of the story
  • What is an allegory?
  • Context – A Victorian Christmas & Poverty in Victorian Britain
  • A summary of the story
  • Check your understanding – a quick quiz
  • Analysis of the Characters – Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Analysis of the Characters – Fred Scrooge
  • Check your understanding – compare Scrooge and Fred
  • Analysis of the Characters – The Cratchit Family
  • Analysis of the Characters – Fan, Fezziwig, Ignorance and Want
  • Analysis of the Characters – Belle, Jacob Marley
  • Analysis of the Characters – The Three Spirits
  • Check your understanding – compare the three spirits
  • Key themes and techniques
  • Check your understanding – Dickens’s use of description
  • Writing about the novella
  • Sample essay – Explore the transformation of Ebeneezer Scrooge
  • Sample essay- Discuss the ways in which Dickens presents wealth and poverty in “A Christmas Carol”
  • Check your Understanding – some answers!