Mr Bruff’s Guide to ‘A Christmas Carol’ 2nd edition- School Licence eBook


The complete original novel, alongside detailed analysis of everything you need to know for your GCSE exams. Topics include: author, language, structure, character analysis, themes and a sample exam answer. 107 pages.


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September 2019 update: This new and improved second edition contains 30,000 words of analysis. Chapters include:

The Author: Charles Dickens
Dickens’s preface
Christmas and the Victorians
Is ‘A Christmas Carol’ still relevant today?
Understanding the title
Form and genre
Language and imagery
Summary of the story, applying Freytag’s Pyramid
Analysis of the characters
The Ghosts
Writing about the novella
Example essays (1): the transformation of Scrooge
Example essays (2): poverty and wealth
Modern context
Marxist context
Gothic genre
Exercise (dialogue)
Malthusian economic theory
A Freudian interpretation
Women’s rights