Mr Bruff’s Guide to ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ 2nd Edition eBook


Written by Peter Tobin, this 2nd Edition guide contains the following chapters:

Part 1: Introduction to the Second Edition
Part 2: Chapter Summaries
Part 3: The Author
Part 4: The Novella
Part 5: Genre
Part 6: Setting
Part 7: Context
Part 8: The Theme of Dual Identity
Part 9: Character Analysis—Dr Henry Jekyll
Part 10: Character Analysis—Mr Edward Hyde
Part 11: Character Analysis—Mr Utterson
Part 12: Analysis of Minor Characters
Part 13: A Note on Stevenson’s use of Language and Victorian Britain
Part 14: Stevenson’s use of Structure and Form
Part 15: The Bible in Jekyll and Hyde
Part 16: Sample Questions & Answers
Part 17: Bibliography for the Study Guide
Part 18: The Complete Novella 

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School Licence Edition

Need to buy this eBook for your school? We have a school licence edition which allows you to copy and share with your students, staff and parents.