Mr Bruff’s Guide to GCSE English Literature – eBook


This is the definitive guide to the new GCSE in English Literature. If you’re taking your exams from 2017 onwards, this is the guide for you. Detailed coverage of every question, with sample answers and advice. The eBook also contains links to multiple secret YouTube videos which can only be accessed from this eBook. Chapters include: Shakespeare, the 19th Century novel, modern drama, modern prose, anthology poetry and unseen poetry.

86 pages


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In 2011, I began creating online tutorial videos at, with a vision to share my GCSE expertise in English language and literature. As I write, these videos have been viewed over 11 million times across 214 different nations. To accompany these videos, I have published over 15 revision guide eBooks–one of which you are currently looking at! My guide to the previous GCSEs in English language and literature sat at the top of the Amazon bestseller’s list for over 45 weeks and achieved huge acclaim; this book aims to build on those strengths.

In this ebook, you’ll receive detailed guidance on every question in the AQA GCSE English Literature exams. Please note that this ebook is not endorsed by or affiliated to any exam boards; I am simply an experienced teacher using my expertise to help students.

Over the past five years, I have received thousands of messages of praise and support like those you’ve just read in the preceeding pages. I’ve heard from students, teachers, parents and the authors themselves, all of whom have offered gratitude for my work. In this eBook, I share everything I know about this GCSE.

As an extra bonus, this ebook contains links to five special video tutorials which are only available to those who purchase this guide. These links appear later in the text.

You should also purchase the accompanying eBook which covers the English Literature exams, available at

School Licence Edition

Need to buy this eBook for your school? We have a school licence edition which allows you to copy and share with your students, staff and parents.