Mr Bruff’s Guide to GCSE English Language 2nd Edition– eBook


The new and updated second edition of Mr Bruff’s guide to AQA English Language. The paperback edition has over 800 ratings on Amazon, and here is the eBook available for instant download.

78 pages.


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In this second edition, you’ll receive detailed guidance on every question in the AQA GCSE English Language exams, updated in September 2023 with the latest insights and information.

Please note that this ebook is not endorsed by or affiliated to any exam boards; I am simply an experienced teacher using my expertise to help students.

As an extra bonus, this ebook contains links to five special video tutorials which are only available to those who purchase this guide.


‘thoroughly engaging and incredibly informative’

‘’My daughter used your books and Youtube videos and along with her hard work achieved a grade 9’

‘I started reading this book on holiday and couldn’t put it down!’

‘The book is not like any other dreary revision; it has engaging language which makes this revision guide simply the best’

‘today I was fortunate enough to obtain a grade 9 – and I am absolutely certain Mr Bruff helped me to achieve such a fabulous result’

‘everything is broken down and explained so clearly in this book which makes it enjoyable for my son to revise’

‘Your passion for motivating and empowering others in this subject is evident’

‘He has such an understandable and engaging way of explaining English language’

‘Learning Mr Bruff’s techniques got me a [grade] 9’

‘I was struggling with section A from question 2-5 , this did not only solve my problem, but I learned more than I bargained for and I can confidently go and write my exams. The explanation is so clear , I felt like I was in class’

‘Mr Bruff knows exactly what is required for GCSE English and explains matters with exceptional clarity, enthusiasm and perceptiveness’

‘Bruff is explicitly clear and inspiring’

‘Fantastic learning guide. This book has been extremely useful for my daughter’

‘Such a fantastic book with a clear step by step guide’

School Licence Edition

Need to buy this eBook for your school? We have a school licence edition which allows you to copy and share with your students, staff and parents.


Mr Bruffs Guide to English Language School Edition