Mr Bruff’s Guide to The Curious Incident – eBook


In this guide, Georgina Bottomley brings detailed analysis of everything you need to know for your GCSE exam. Includes: language, structure, form, key quotations, sample answers and character analysis. 20,000 words.


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Introduction to the play and studying a play at G.C.S.E. level
Plot Summary
Character Analysis: Christopher Boone
Character Analysis: Ed Boone
Character Analysis: Judy Boone
Character Analysis: Siobhan
Character Analysis: Minor Characters
THEME: Attitudes to disability (or difference): awareness and acceptance
THEME: Communication (or a sense of voice)
THEME: Family tensions and violence
A post-modern approach to the play
Differences to the original novel
Key Quotations (and ways to learn them)
Exam question 1:
Exam question 2:

School Licence Edition

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