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I believe passionately that the quality of the education you receive should not depend on where you live, the school you go to, or the income of your parents.


One of the things I love about making YouTube videos is that they are accessible to all, free of charge. I’d like to do something similar with my revision guides.


In the past, I’ve given free ebooks or books to teachers to give to students who can’t afford my materials. I’ve given away hundreds in that manner, but obviously it creates a problem. When students ask why another student has a free book, the answer highlights that student’s poverty.


So I’ve come up with an idea. I am going to start selling schools paperback copies of my revision guides. When a school buys copies of any title for the whole Year 11 cohort, I will only charge them for the books allotted for students who are not Pupil Premium. So, in a year group of 200, with 40 PP students, I would charge for 160 books and send 200. That way, everyone gets a book, but the PP students get the book for free, and the students are unaware of this.


I will sell the books at the Amazon retail price. This is not a money-making exercise (I have to buy the books from Amazon myself!) but an attempt to level the playing field for students of all backgrounds.


All of the Mr Bruff authors are on board, so every title is available.


If you’re interested in a quote, please use the contact form below.


Pupil Premium Offer

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