Mr Bruff’s Guide to ‘My Last Duchess’ and other poems – eBook


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Mr Bruff gives detailed written analysis of a selection of poetry from both exam clusters. The aim is for you to use the eBook whilst watching the poetry analysis videos at

Poems covered:

    • Lord Gordon Byron: ‘When We Two Parted’
    • Percy Shelley: ‘Ozymandias’
    • Percy Shelley: ‘Love’s Philosophy’
    • Robert Browning: ‘Porphyria’s Lover’
    • Robert Browning: ‘My Last Duchess’
    • Elizabeth Barrett Browning: ‘Sonnet XXIX’
    • William Wordsworth: ‘Extract from the Prelude’
    • Alfred Lord Tennyson: ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’
    • Thomas Hardy: ‘Neutral Tones’
    • Wilfred Owen: ‘Exposure’
    • William Blake: ‘London’


School Licence Edition

Need to buy this eBook for your school? We have a school licence edition which allows you to copy and share with your students, staff and parents.